Ukoy Recipe

Green papaya with kalabasa ukoy make a delectable snack, starter, or side dish. These golden, crispy, and savoury veggie fritters are delicious!

Filipino-style fritters known as okoy or ukoy are created using a batter that is atsuete-colored with a variety of veggies and shell-on shrimp. Large spoonfuls of the chunky mixture are placed into the hot oil and deep-fried until crispy.

Street food sellers frequently sell these crispy patties in wet markets, and many carinderias or restaurants also sell them. They are typically eaten with a spicy vinegar dip on the side and are offered as a snack, an appetiser, or a side dish.

1 Vegetables to use
2 Cooking tips
3 How to serve

Vegetables to use

Shrimp fritters are not only simple to prepare but also versatile. The list of vegetables and root crops below are a great option to use.

firm tofu cubes
julienned kalabasa
shredded green papaya
julienned carrots
shredded cabbage
julienned sweet potatoes

Cooking tips

To remove extra moisture that might otherwise wet down the batter and cause the fritters to split apart while being fried, salt the papaya shreds.

To achieve quick and uniform cooking, slice the ingredients as thinly as evenly as you can.

The main purpose of the annatto powder is to provide colour; vary the quantity to achieve the appropriate level of colour.

For umami taste, add fish sauce. In addition, you may add shrimp bouillon to the batter and taste-test the flavour.

Use enough oil to at least partially coat the patties for a crispy texture.

Cook in batches as necessary and avoid packing the pan too tightly.

How to serve

Serve with hot vinegar on the side for dipping as a noon snack or appetiser.

They are best consumed just after cooking since, like other fried meals, they lose some of their crispiness with time and do not reheat well.

If not serving right away, spread out in a single layer on a baking sheet and keep warm and crispy in a 200°F oven.

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