Mango and Cream Cheese Turon

Our traditional lumpia dessert has been deliciously updated with mango and cream cheese. It’s a delicious fruit delight that’s guaranteed to be a hit since it’s perfectly sweet, crunchy, and creamy. However, when he was needing some yesterday, we were out of saba bananas. He was very dejected, so I had to think creatively.

I had a fantastic light bulb moment when I saw two perfectly ripe Philippine mangoes on the counter and a block of cream cheese in the refrigerator. Because they were so delicious, the mango and cream cheese turon didn’t even make it to the table.

1 How to wrap spring rolls
2 Cooking tips

How to wrap spring rolls

Lay a wrapper in the shape of a diamond with one corner facing you on a spotless, level work area.

Mango slices should be placed horizontally, about 2 inches from the bottom corner of the wrapper, after being rolled in sugar. On top of the mango, place a lengthwise-cut piece of cream cheese.

Fold the sides in after folding the bottom corner over the filling. Roll the wrapper up tightly around the filling, starting at the bottom.

Apply a thin layer of water to the top corner of the wrapper and press to seal.

Cooking tips

Use Manila mangoes and pick ones that are ripe but still firm for the greatest texture and flavour.

Peel the lumpia wrappers apart slowly after defrosting. While working, protect the leftover wrappers from drying out by covering them with a moist kitchen towel or paper towel.

For frying, use high smoke-point oils like canola or maize oil. Use enough oil to completely saturate the turon rolls.

Keep the temperature between 350 and 375 F. If it’s too low, a lot more grease will be absorbed by the lumpia. If set too high, the tortillas can burn before they are fully cooked.

Instead of using paper towels, which can stick, drain on a metal colander or wire rack.

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