Ginisang Pechay with Oyster Sauce

Want a quick and simple vegetable dish? Try the oyster sauce-topped ginaisang pechay! It may be quickly prepared, is inexpensive and nutritive. The ideal family-friendly, fuss-free weekday supper!

Although pechay is a common component in Filipino cuisine, it frequently plays a supporting rather than starring role. This recipe makes this unassuming veggie the star.

You should include the straightforward vegetable dish ginasang pechay with oyster sauce and ground pork in your regular menu. Even though it only only a few readily available ingredients, it nonetheless comes out delicious and packed with healthy elements.

1 What is Pechay
2 Pechay vs Bok Choy
3 How to prepare pechay
4 Quick Tips
5 Serving suggestions
6 Storing leftovers

What is Pechay

A variety of Chinese cabbage from the Cheninsis cultivar is called pechay. It has light-colored rounded bottom and dark-green leaf blades with a moderately bitter flavour.

The leafy vegetable is a staple in Southeast Asian cooking and is frequently used in stir-fries, stews, and soups in the Philippines.

Pechay vs Bok Choy

Although they are sometimes mistaken for being the same vegetable, there is a tiny visual difference. While the pechay is white and thinner, the stem of Shanghai bok choy is green and wider. In recipes, they can be substituted for one another.

How to prepare pechay

Pick pechay that has vibrantly green leaves and sturdy stalks that don’t show any indications of withering or damage.

Trim the stem to approximately half an inch, then throw it away.

To get rid of dirt and grime, wash the leaves and stalks in a large basin of cold water or under cold running water. Good drainage

To make a separate bowl, separate the leafy stalks from the more robust ones.

To guarantee equal cooking, they will be put in the pot first.

Quick Tips

Although ground pig is used in this dish, you can instead use ground beef or chicken. For a change in flavour, you can also add diced pork belly or shrimp.

Use fried tofu instead of the pork and vegan oyster sauce or soy sauce to season the dish for a vegan variation.

Serving suggestions

This stir-fried pechay is a great side dish or main course because it is tasty and filling. With hot, steamed rice and fried fish, it makes the ideal lunch or dinner dish.

Storing leftovers

Transfer to a container with a tight-fitting cover after fully cooling. Keep chilled for up to three days.
In a pot, reheat, and replenish with water as necessary. Or heat in a microwave until thoroughly cooked.

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